Written by Administrator on 06 March 2011

Why invest in the Vancouver- Clark County Washington Area?

Blessed by a mild climate and a great quality of life, Southwest Washington area is wonderful places to live. Free of many of the blights of big city life, like smog and heavy traffic, it is attracting an ever increasing flow of new residents from across the country. Portland, the flagship city of 2 million, has doubled in size since 1960 and will double again by 2040. Demand for apartment’s is increasing strongly from this in-migration, as 35 million Californians and 6 million Puget Sound residents look for a higher quality of life.

Rising demand means rising rents. And there is a huge opportunity for increases in the region compared to any other area on the West Coast. Portland/Vancouver rents are 70% of those in Seattle, and often less than 35% of similar areas in the Bay Area or Los Angeles.

Lower costs for land and construction mean you can purchase apartments here at a fraction of the per-unit cost that you would have to pay in any other city from Seattle to San Diego. The result of low cost and high demand is simple: Buying an apartment here gives you better returns than anywhere else on the West Coast. This is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

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